7 Canadian Chocolates That You'll Want To Try

You probably know Canada is the home of maple syrup, ice hockey, and politeness, but did you know Canada is also home to tons of chocolate bars not available anywhere else? We have collected some of the tastiest treats you have never heard of!



Not to be confused with Caramac! Caramilk is a creamy milk chocolate bar filled with sweet caramel. We cant get enough!



Sometimes the classics really are the best! Eat-More has been around since the 1930s and has continued to be a favourite. The dark toffee, peanuts and chocolate make this bar less sweet than most other chocolates, so you really can Eat More!



While not unique to Canada, Smarties are a surprise for our American friends. Canadian Smarties are similar to an M&M but with a sweeter, creamier milk chocolate inside. Looking for American Smarties in Canada? They’re called Rockets and are a popular candy to hand out at Halloween.



Peanut butter surrounded by caramel and chocolate, what could be better? Nothing we can think of! Wunderbar is like a Reece Cup + caramel and can only be found in the Great White North.


Jersey Milk

Jersey Milk is Canada’s answer to Dairy Milk. Smooth and creamy. We can’t get enough.


Oh Henry!

Originally created in the USA, Oh Henry! is now rarely available anywhere except Canada. Keep on the look out for limited edition flavors such as Oh Henry! with Reece Peanut Butter, and Oh Henry! Level Up.


Coffee Crisp

Briefly available in the USA, Coffee Crisp is one of Canada’s most popular exclusive chocolate bars. The bar consists of a sweet vanilla and coffee wafer coated in milk chocolate. Keep your eyes peeled for the rarely available Coffee Crisp Double Double bar for a double hit of coffee flavour.